4 Feb 2021

The 40 Best Beatles Songs

Often I get asked what my favorite Beatles song is. And I usually fire off seven or eight songs. It’s just impossible to do; aside from a few stinkers, the entire Beatles catalog is filled with classics
16 Jan 2021

Exile in Guyville – Liz Phair

For decades, men have been able to do pretty much anything in rock music, from Bob Dylan’s less-than-stellar voice and looks to John Lennon’s use of the f word in “Working Class Hero.” By comparison, women have
8 Jan 2021

Godmuffin – Mike Viola

Mike Viola’s discography is starting to get substantial. He’s released about two dozen LPs and EPs both as a solo artist and as part of the Snap! and the Candy Butchers. But the artist, best known as