8 Jul 2020

Superior – Tim Christensen

“Superior” by Tim Christensen is close to perfect. Released back in 2008 from the album of the same name, every few years the song rears its head and enters my life, worming its way into my ears
4 Jul 2020

10 Songs About America

The United States of America has always been fodder for musicians – whether it’s singing the praises of the country (“God Bless the U.S.A.”) or questioning its treatment of veterans (“Born in the U.S.A.”). There have been
2 Jul 2020

Whatever Happened to Rick Astley?

Perhaps no singer has dominated pop culture in such a unique way as Rick Astley. He burst on the scene in 1987 with his love-it-or-hate-it dance single “Never Gonna Give You Up,” retired a millionaire six years