28 May 2020

‘We Built This City’: Why All the Hate?

“We Built This City” gets a bad rap. There, I said it. It’s not even Starship’s worst song. Nevertheless, it’s a standard on everybody’s Worst Songs of All Time lists. “We Built This City” was perfectly content
24 May 2020

Album review: Threesome, Vol. 1 – The Lickerish Quartet

Twenty-seven years after Jellyfish sprung Spilt Milk on us and made power pop fans’ heads explode, we’ve been looking for a reunion that will almost certainly never happen. Lead singer Andy Sturmer is well, somewhere, Roger Joseph
17 May 2020

The Beautiful Ones, Prince

The death of Prince four years ago stunned us all, because, for one selfish reason, we had not heard enough from the artist. His output over the years had not diminished; in fact, just a year before