75 Things in Music that I’m Thankful For

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    The Beatles

  2. Any song accompanied by a piano and violin
  3. The chord progression of George Michael’s “Praying for Time
  4. “Come On Eileen”
  5. Key changes
  6. Mike Viola
  7. The Edge’s guitar playing
  8. Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound
  9. The British Invasion of the 80s
  10. Isn’t it a Pity” by George Harrison (both versions)
  11. The 7/4 signature of Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill”
  12. Handclaps
  13. Aimee Mann’s angst
  14. The final measures of “The End,” the final song from the Beatles’ final album, Abbey Road
  15. Morrissey
  16. Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work
  17. Steve Eggers from the Nines
  18. The ability of the Cure to sound both Goth and bubblegum
  19. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by the BYU Combined Choruses
  20. Multi-layered harmonies
  21. The dream in which Paul McCartney composed the melody to “Yesterday”
  22. Freddie Mercury
  23. Come on Eileen
  24. A beautiful song from an artist you’ve never heard of
  25. Radiohead
  26. The voice of Boston lead singer Brad Delp (R.I.P.)
  27. The cello
  28. Mozart’s Requiem
  29. A major chord changing to a minor chord
  30. A minor chord changing to a major chord
  31. Alison Krauss’ voice
  32. Losing your voice at a concert
  33. Basia’s “Time and Tide
  34. A suspended chord
  35. The harmonies of the Beach Boys
  36. Anyone who mimics the harmonies of the Beach Boys
  37. The Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack
  38. Foreigner, Journey, Styx and other classic rock bands of the 70s and 80s
  39. The voice of Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze
  40. Kelly Jones’ “There Goes My Baby
  41. Covering songs using an acoustic guitar or piano
  42. The few albums we got from Nick Drake and Elliott Smith before they died
  43. Paul McCartney’s Ram
  44. Jellyfish’s “Joining a Fan Club
  45. The Brill Building era
  46. That Thing You Do!”
  47. Joe Pernice when he’s off his meds
  48. The retro-Motown vibe of Lenny Kravitz’s “It Ain’t Over till It’s Over”
  49. One-hit wonders
  50. Marshall Crenshaw’s “Someday, Someway”
  51. Two-minute power pop from Myracle Brah
  52. The mandolin
  53. Any slow song by Peter Gabriel
  54. Tracy Ullman’s “They Don’t Know
  55. Randy Newman’s soundtracks
  56. Michael Jackson circa 1982
  57. She May Call You Up” by the Left Banke
  58. Chamber pop
  59. Colin Hay’s acoustic version of “Overkill
  60. Girl groups
  61. Paul Carrack’s voice
  62. Armed forces in Iraq filming a video to “Is This the Way to Amarillo?
  63. Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”
  64. Susanna Hoffs
  65. The French horn solo in the Beatles’ “For No One”
  66. The simplicity of Sinead O’Connor and the Edge’s “Heroine”
  67. “The Things We Do For Love”
  68. Maria McKee’s Life is Sweet
  69. A song that makes you cry
  70. Paste Magazine
  71. R.E.M.
  72. The quiet guitar arpeggios in Radiohead’s “(Nice Dream)” and “No Surprises”
  73. Karen Peris from the Innocence Mission
  74. Lisa Loeb’s acoustic tape
  75. The Beatles. I get to mention them twice.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. AMD

    I was going to pick out a few of these to say: “Oh, yeah, totally spot on.” There are too many. So all I can say is GREAT LIST.

    Actually, special props for giving props to “Overkill”.

  2. ph

    yup, you nailed it! hurrah!

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