A Renewal

Hello. I’m back.

After several weeks of electoral hand-wringing, accompanied by a few weeks of redoing our kitchen, I hope to reassemble what’s left of this blog and begin again.

Why? Because I love music.

I know. That’s a lot like the Far Side cartoon with the gorillas sitting under the tree, as one says:

You know, Sid, I really like bananas. … I mean, I know that’s not profound or nothing’. …Heck! We all do. …But for me, I think it goes much more beyond that. 

It does go beyond that. At a party last weekend, a friend and I were discussing music and he asked me something that really hit home: “What would your life be like without music? Can you imagine it?”

It was a rhetorical question. We music lovers – no, we music worshipers – know those times when we have cried over a certain passage in a song. We remember hearing a song for the 50th time and suddenly getting not only the point of the words, but feeling the music at a much deeper level – the pounding of the tom-toms on “With or Without You,” or the desperation in John Hiatt’s voice when he pleads, “Have a little faith in me.”

We see the flashes in the pan go by, the Britneys and Shakiras, but we wait patiently to be blown away by a song once again. It’s like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin. We know it’s a rare moment, but the joy and satisfaction we get from finding a new jewel is worth the wait. 

There is still good music to be found. It’s out there, in some indie artist struggling to finish his first CD. It’s in an overlooked debut from an artist who quickly got canned from her record label because it didn’t go platinum. This blog, and others like it (see my blogroll) is an attempt at telling the world about these amazing artists, CDs and songs.

We are a dim light in a dark time in music. Help the light shine brighter and listen to good music. Don’t settle for what’s in the aisle at Wal-Mart or on the popular morning show. Be different.

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