Brian Wilson’s New Album Slated for Sept.

Mark your calendars for Sept. 2 – that’s the release date for former Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s latest effort, titled That Old Lucky Sun. He’s released a video preview of the album, and judging from what’s on the preview, it sounds fantastic. Back are the strings from Pet Sounds, and the harmonies still take center stage. From the press release from Capitol (His old label):

A musical love letter from Southern California, That Lucky Old Sun shimmers with sun-dappled choruses and arrangements that swell and swirl as if carried by the Pacific tides. One of the songs, “Midnight’s Another Day,” has been described by MOJO magazine as “glorious.” The album is narrated in transitional interludes spoken by Wilson as ‘That Lucky Old Sun,’ the storyteller. The narratives, cameos on life and the heartbeat of Los Angeles, propel the album’s musical story.

Brian has led a difficult life, driven to a nervous breakdown during the recording of Smile and tortured by weight and emotional problems over the past 40 years. His solo work has always paled in comparison to his earlier work, but a few years ago he managed to finish Smile and surely felt some vindication as he performed the album live on tour. If anyone is due for a masterpiece, it’s Brian Wilson, and I hope the album lives up to the hype.

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Peter Lee