Desert Island Discs Archive

10 Mar 2020

Jumping the Musical Shark – Chicago

Chicago is a band that is most famous for what they became, not for what they started as. Case in point: Genesis. Genesis was the quintessential prog-rock band before Phil Collins took the reins from the headdress-wearing
22 Feb 2020

Desert Island Discs: Live at La Bonbonniere, Candy Butchers

I bought the Candy Butchers’ Live at La Bonbonniere on a whim at a used records store one day, having heard something about them in a music discussion group and thinking that with a name like “Candy
19 Feb 2020

Desert Island Discs: Spilt Milk, Jellyfish

When Jellyfish released their second album, Spilt Milk, in February 1993, critics didn’t know what comparison to make of the band. They had released their first album, Bellybutton, to rave reviews and even had a Top 40