Desert Island Discs Archive

30 Nov 2014

Desert Island Discs: Green, R.E.M.

Beginning to end, R.E.M.’s Green is arguably the band’s most accessible album.  That’s probably why it’s my favorite. It was their debut with mega-record label Warner Brothers after being with indie label I.R.S. for years, and it
24 Mar 2014

Desert Island Discs: Escape, Journey

I feel as if I have to defend this choice – of all the records ever recorded, this would be one of the top 20 that I would play incessantly on a desert island? It’s easy to
26 Jan 2013

Desert Island Discs: Candy Butchers Self-Titled Album

My discovery of Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers and their unreleased demos is a story for the ages, one that involves hidden treasures, research and intrigue. First, the background. In 1996, the Candy Butchers had just