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19 May 2008

Desert Island Discs: Honeymoon Suite – The Big Prize

Year Released: 1986 Top chart position: #61 Some albums stand the test of time. Abbey Road, for example, sounds as fresh as it did 35 years ago. Prince’s Purple Rain and its genre-bending blend of rock, funk
12 May 2008

Desert Island Discs: Overcome by Happiness – Pernice Brothers

Top chart position: n/a I know it’s bad to form first impressions. Sometimes you can be totally wrong about someone, analyzing a person based on their looks or the way they talk, and then realize that he
5 May 2008

Desert Island Discs: Abbey Road – The Beatles

All my friends know that I’m a Beatles fanatic. Some dismiss my obsession with a wink and a smile; others probably think I need either medication or a serious reality check. I have become a student of