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10 Sep 2020

Jumping the Musical Shark: Blondie

In the late 1970s, Blondie was the “it” band. They could do no wrong, releasing seven Top 40 hits and four No. 1 singles in the span of two short years. Their hits ranged from power pop
26 Aug 2020

The Best Michael Jackson Album

What’s the best Michael Jackson album? Isn’t that kind of obvious? It’s Thriller, right? The answer may not be as clear, for Jackson had a few good albums — and many sub-par efforts. In this post, we
19 Aug 2020

Whatever Happened to Tiffany?

Fifteen-year-old Tiffany worked her way to stardom in 1987 by singing covers of bubblegum 60s covers at shopping malls, rocketed to fame with a No. 1 single, and fell to earth almost as quickly. Born Tiffany Darwish