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18 Sep 2018

8 Rules That Could Save Pop Music

About 10 years ago, Absolute Power Pop posted a manifesto from a band called the Ripoff Artists that, if implemented by all artists, would save Western music. Here were their eight theses, and I hereby nail them to the
24 Aug 2018

Cyndi Lauper’s ‘She’s So Unusual’ – Cover Songs Everywhere

Cyndi Lauper took the U.S. pop scene by storm in 1983 with her album She’s So Unusual. What was so unusual was the makeup of the songs on the album: a majority of the songs were covers.
31 May 2018

The Evolution of a Song: ‘Mama,’ Genesis

“Mama” is not considered to be one of Genesis’ biggest hits, at least here in the United States; despite it being their biggest hit in the UK, reaching #4 in 1983, it reached only #73 in the