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28 May 2020

‘We Built This City’: Why All the Hate?

“We Built This City” gets a bad rap. There, I said it. It’s not even Starship’s worst song. Nevertheless, it’s a standard on everybody’s Worst Songs of All Time lists. “We Built This City” was perfectly content
10 May 2020

Jumping the Musical Shark: Billy Joel

Billy Joel will always be known as “The Piano Man,” the American equivalent of Elton John. Belting out ballads and pounding away at the ivories, he and John were cultural anachronisms, playing music that didn’t seem to
6 May 2020

Whatever Happened to Men Without Hats?

In 1983, Men Without Hats appeared seemingly out of nowhere (Canada, really) and inundated the airwaves with “The Safety Dance.” Led by lead singer Ivan Doroschuk’s robotic, baritone voice, the group hit No. 3 in the United