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10 May 2008

Joy Division in Context

Last week, I announced the beginning of a new project: To start liking Joy Division (or at least figure out why people like them). So far, I’ve watched several documentaries on YouTube about them (they even have
9 May 2008

You, Too, Can Play Guitar Like John Cougar Mellencamp

All I got is a red guitar, 3 chords and the truth. – Bono, “All Along the Watchtower” When I first started learning to play guitar, I was discouraged that I only knew three chords – C,
8 May 2008

How I’ve Grown to Love the Beach Boys

Judging from the title, you must be thinking that at one time, I didn’t like the Beach Boys. Yep. Hated ’em. Growing up in the 80s, I was witness to only one Top 10 hit by the