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25 Mar 2017

Driving Home to Nick Drake

Nick Drake purists, the ones who knew him throughout his anonymity of the 1970s and 80s, howled in protest when Volkswagen put his “Pink Moon” in one of its commercials. Drake became an overnight success, 25 years
9 Mar 2017

The Joshua Tree: 30 Years Later

March 1987. I was on a choir tour during spring break, and I knew U2’s The Joshua Tree would be released while I was on tour. But I had to have it – the day it was released –
18 Dec 2016

Teenage Fanclub: The Next Beatles?

In my recent obsession over Teenage Fanclub, I’ve done a lot of examination of their music and career, and I’ve found some eerie similarities between the Scottish band and the four lads from Liverpool. Lots of bands