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17 Mar 2020

What’s Wrong with Liking George Michael?

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, otherwise known as George Michael, was never one to stay in the middle for very often. He was polarizing — men hated him for his good looks, women swooned. but during his 35-year career
10 Mar 2020

Jumping the Musical Shark – Chicago

Chicago is a band that is most famous for what they became, not for what they started as. Case in point: Genesis. Genesis was the quintessential prog-rock band before Phil Collins took the reins from the headdress-wearing
22 Feb 2020

Desert Island Discs: Live at La Bonbonniere, Candy Butchers

I bought the Candy Butchers’ Live at La Bonbonniere on a whim at a used records store one day, having heard something about them in a music discussion group and thinking that with a name like “Candy