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19 Oct 2016

Review and Interview – “Spellbound,” David Myhr

When the director of Flytken till Framtiden, a Swedish time travel movie, requested a song that “sounds like Electric Light Orchestra,” composer Jimmy Lagnefors didn’t have to look far for a collaborator. Singer-songwriter David Myhr, formerly of
29 Sep 2016

The Legal Matters: The Interview

As the release of The Legal Matters’ second album, Conrad, approaches, lead singer Andy Reed spent some time with me to answer a few questions about the new album: What do you see as the big differences
22 Aug 2015

Brandon Schott: The Interview

Brandon Schott is one of those people you root for in Hollywood: Happily married with several kids, working in the music industry but trying to make it in the music despite the roadblocks indie artists face, and