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14 Aug 2012

Bringing the Sunshine Back: An Interview with Susanna Hoffs

Twenty-six years have passed since Susanna Hoffs and the Bangles ruled the Billboard chart. With hits such as the Prince-penned “Manic Monday” and the cult smash “Walk Like an Egyptian,” the all-girl group was the perfect blend
15 Dec 2011

Mike Viola: Tales of a Superkid

Superkid Do you remember Superkid? How could you forget Has he made it yet? – Mike Viola, “Superkid”, 2004 Mike Viola is waiting for me outside Center Stage Theater on West Peachtree Street, looking cold but patient.
5 Dec 2011

An Interview with Jason Brewer of The Explorers Club

Jason Brewer is a man in love with pop music’s roots. You can sometimes find him at, spinning rare pop and R&B records for all who stop by. His Spotify playlists are filled with songs by