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17 Jul 2008

Weird Band Names

Yesterday, while surfing my life away, I came across The Canonical List of Weird Band Names, which lists, well, the weirdest band names. My dad always marveled at the names of bands I listened to (INXS, 10,000
15 Jul 2008

Top 10 Suggested Titles for Asia’s Next Album

Considering Asia’s latest break with tradition – not naming their latest album a one-word title that begins and ends with the letter A – I became concerned that they may have run out of possibilities. So I
3 Jul 2008

Flashback: 10 Lapses in Judgment

We all have musical skeletons in our closets – whether it’s Milli Vanilli, Michael Bolton or some other artist that we thought was cool at one time or another (I never thought either was cool, BTW), but