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25 Oct 2018

70 Songs That Didn’t Make the Hot 100 – Part 7

I see red in the final version of Songs that Didn’t Make the Hot 100, including a disturbing trend in which the United Kingdom finds hits when the United States doesn’t. Of course, look who we elected
18 Oct 2018

A Third Beatles Fantasy Album: Free As A Bird

My third Beatles fantasy album, Free As A Bird, takes place about six years after Abracadabra and about a decade after A Doll’s House – the reason being that much of the solo Beatles work during that time was pretty bad. Ringo was
12 Oct 2018

An Autumn Playlist

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like autumn. Sure, you’re out there somewhere. For some reason, you dislike the leaves turning gorgeous, almost unnatural shades of red. You miss the sauna-like temperatures of the summer and dread