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17 May 2015

Is Hip-Hop More Influential than the Beatles?

I was floored a few days ago by a headline I read at Digital Trends: “New Study: Hip-Hop, not Brit Rock, is the Most Influential Genre Since 1960”. My God. No. Could it be true? What kind
18 Feb 2015

Lesley Gore: 1946-2015

Most of the obituaries for Lesley Gore, who died Feb. 16 at the age of 68, listed “It’s My Party” as the classic teen angst song, long before Taylor Swift or Debbie Gibson tried the same thing.┬áBut
9 Feb 2015

Grammy Shmammy 2015

Last night’s Grammy awards show bored many viewers. Maybe it’s because there was very little controversy (Hi, Kanye! You’re back!) and few bizarre performances. It was just a straight-up pop music show, interspersed with Sam Smith and