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30 May 2008

There is Hope…My Daughter’s Dance Studio??

For the last two nights I’ve been spending my evenings at my daughter’s dance recital. For most dads, this is brutal – enduring hours of 4-year-olds in tutus, hundreds of twirls, jumps and gyrations. In my case
15 May 2008

The Whitburn Project – All the Stats You’ll Ever Need

I just found Nirvana. Andy Baio at just posted some information on the Whitburn Project, “a huge undertaking to preserve and share high-quality recordings of every popular song since the 1890s.” I had heard about the
13 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Burt Bacharach

Burt Bacharach turned 80 yesterday. Most people under the age of 30 have no idea who he is, save for an appearance in a Geico commercial, alongside several pop culture icons such as Joan Rivers, Little Richard and