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12 Aug 2015

R.I.P. Columbia House

Columbia House, the popular mail-order record club that boasted four, or eight, or 12, or even 13 albums for a paltry sum ranging from a penny to a dollar, is finally going belly up. I’m surprised it
6 Jun 2015

Introducing ‘The Death and Life of Mal Evans: A Novel’

I’m excited to announce the future publication of “The Death and Life of Mal Evans,” my first novel, due in July 2015. I’ve always been bothered that the Beatles broke up too soon. Granted, I didn’t expect
17 May 2015

Is Hip-Hop More Influential than the Beatles?

I was floored a few days ago by a headline I read at Digital Trends: “New Study: Hip-Hop, not Brit Rock, is the Most Influential Genre Since 1960”. My God. No. Could it be true? What kind