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9 Nov 2020

Achtung Baby: A Second Listen

When I first heard U2’s “The Fly” from their album Achtung Baby, I was ready to embrace this new sound that was rumored to be coming from the band. “The Fly” seemed somewhat like their old music,
27 Oct 2020

Made in Piteå – David Myhr

In this new era of COVID isolation, going to concerts has been one of those luxuries that we have taken for granted, aside from a few dumbasses like Smash Mouth that still try to perform. Swedish singer-songwriter
4 Oct 2020

Sign O’ The Times (Super Deluxe Version) – Prince

If Purple Rain was Prince’s Sergeant Pepper, then Sign O’ The Times was his White Album. A double album as well, it was full of ideas, eclectic, and like most double albums, incohesive. As history revealed itself,