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1 Sep 2020

Review: ‘The Go-Go’s’

VH1’s “Behind The Music” was a wonderful show which told all the never-heard-before gossip about musical acts. The plot was pretty much the same for every show: Band starts small, then gets a break; Band’s popularity gets
23 Aug 2020

‘Tracy Chapman,’ Tracy Chapman

The Reagan/ Thatcher era of the 1980s drew its share of detractors in the music world — artists fed up with trickle-down economics and the heating up of the Cold War. Artists from Bruce Springsteen to U2
12 Aug 2020

Book Review: Cool Town, Grace Elizabeth Hale

In the mid-1980s, Athens, Ga. was the hippest place in the country. The music world had its ears pinned to the small university town, waiting for the next big thing to come storming out of there. It