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15 Nov 2017

Album Review: ‘Colour Radio,’ The Nines

Waiting for a release by Steve Eggers and the Nines is like waiting for Christmas – you wonder what goodies are going to be waiting for you when you open the presents. For this Canadian group, it’s
31 Oct 2017

Album Review – Buddha Pesto Manifesto, Dave Caruso

“Listen to this song coming at you / As you hang on every word,” sings Dave Caruso on “Listen to This,” the opening track to his solo album Buddha Pesto Manifesto. The request is not so much a challenge
25 Jun 2017

Review: ‘Purple Rain,’ Deluxe Edition

Purple Rain was one of those seminal albums of the 1980s – records you stood in line for, expected something special, and was not disappointed. I can count on one hand the number of times that has happened: