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6 Dec 2015

Album Review: “Relay V. 1”, Andy Reed

“Daddy, this CD has only five songs on it,” my daughter exclaimed as I tore open the packaging to Andy Reed’s latest release, an EP entitled “Relay V. 1.” That may be the only disappointing note to
27 Nov 2015

Alone in the Universe – Jeff Lynne’s ELO

By now, we know what to expect of Jeff Lynne: airless thudding snare drums, immaculate production, gorgeous chord progressions and a chorus of harmonies. It’s been his trademark for the last 40 years, dating back to the
19 Oct 2015

Album Review: ‘It’s About Time’, Gordon Weiss

When I double clicked the first track from Gordon Weiss’ “It’s About Time” (I don’t “put the needle down” on the record or press “Play” on my CD player anymore; it’s all computers), I was expecting a