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25 Jun 2016

Concert Review: The Cure

“It’s so fucking hot,” said Robert Smith, lead singer of the legendary post-punk band the Cure, in between songs. And it was. The temperature was hovering near 90, and with the lights on stage it must have
30 May 2016

Album Review: ‘Good Times,’ The Monkees

It’s been 50 years since the Monkees arrived as a tongue-in-cheek copy of the Beatles, with their own television show and “A Hard Days Night” pastiche making them an overnight success. But despite the group getting most
23 May 2016

Album Review: ‘Together’, The Explorers Club

It would be easy┬áto pigeon-hole The Explorers Club as a Beach Boys sound-alike band. Their sing-along melodies, gorgeous layered harmonies and lyrics all recall the Beach Boys. But they’ve always managed to put their own fingerprint on