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11 Apr 2016

Album Review: An Introduction to Andy Reed

Andy Reed is a machine. Between his side projects, contributing to Drink a Toast to Innocence: A Tribute to Lite Rock, An American Underdog and The Legal Matters, he’s managed to release a few solo albums as
31 Dec 2015

Album of the Year: Oddities and Entities, Andy Reed

When I got my copy of Andy Reed’s latest EP, Relay Vol. 1, a few weeks ago, he was kind enough to include a copy of his rarities release from 2014,¬†Oddities and Entities.¬†Unfortunately, I didn’t know of
6 Dec 2015

Album Review: “Relay V. 1”, Andy Reed

“Daddy, this CD has only five songs on it,” my daughter exclaimed as I tore open the packaging to Andy Reed’s latest release, an EP entitled “Relay V. 1.” That may be the only disappointing note to