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13 Dec 2010

The Sing-Off

I have discovered “The Sing-Off.” And I am happy. NBC’s reality/variety/take-off on “American Idol” pits vocal a cappella groups against each other, with something like a recording contract or a million dollars at stake. But the fun
23 Nov 2010

Album Review: Four, Bleu

Bleu is an indie music capitalist. To fund his latest album, he solicited investments from his fans to fund the recording; in turn, they received the fruits of his labor. The result, Four, is a delicious overdose
12 Aug 2010

Album Review – The Great War, Justin Currie

For more than 15 years, Justin Currie was Del Amitri, writing most of the band’s more popular songs (“Roll to Me,” “Always the Last to Know”) ¬†and being the front man. So it should come as no