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1 Aug 2008

Book Review: Rock on – Dan Kennedy

I don’t know what Dan Kennedy was thinking when he agreed to be the marketing director for a major record label. Did he really think that he would help bring a talented new artist to light? Was
14 Jul 2008

Album Review – Phoenix, Asia

I should have known by judging from the title of Asia’s latest effort, Phoenix, that it was going to be bad. After all, it doesn’t follow the band’s tendency to name their studio albums with short, one-name
1 Jul 2008

Album Review – @#%! Smilers, Aimee Mann

For years, Aimee Mann has tried to shed her image as the girl with the New-Wave haircut who sang the 1980s smash “Voices Carry.” Since 1993’s solo debut Whatever, the former lead singer for ’til tuesday has