David Myhr Releases New Single ‘Work of Love’

David Myhr is back (thank God), this time penning a song with Jimmy Lagnefors, his songwriting partner for several movie soundtracks. This song, “Work of Love,” is also from a soundtrack – “Tills Frank skiljer oss åt” (Till Frank do us part) – and it’s pop music at its best.

Myhr, who signs lead vocals on the song, begins with an a cappella introduction to the chorus a la “Can’t Buy Me Love.” It’s an instant hook filled with all the pop songwriting secrets you probably get in Myhr’s songwriting classes. The chorus moves from a C chord to an augmented C  (same chord except the fifth moves up a half step), providing that tension that every pop song needs. It then moves to an F chord and, once again invoking the Beatles, gives us even more tension by shifting to a F minor chord before settling back into C.

The verses are choppy, led by a pounding snare, but gives us a few surprises before stopping on an F minor again – tension! – and leading back into the chorus.

The bridge is all Myhr – psychedelic, melodic and reminiscent of the Beach Boys, with falsetto vocals and luscious harmonies. You bask in the stratosphere of all that is melodic pop for a few moments before Myhr brings us back into the chorus, which repeats a few times before taking us back to good ol’ C major.


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