Grammy Shmammy Part Deux

The Grammy Awards came and went. And I barely noticed.

Thanks to Popdose’s Twitter updates, I was able to catch the highlights without actually tuning in. But I sneaked a peak at YouTube today to catch some of the more anticipated performances.

And I’m still glad I didn’t tune in.

Among the highlights was seeing Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters on Cloud 9 as he probably lived out a childhood dream to play with Paul McCartney. I enjoyed watching Sugarland, although I’m still trying to get used to Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush away from their acoustic coffeehouse roots.

That was about it. Bono was pompous as usual, displaying his silhouette high above the rest of the band, and it fit right in with the god-awful “Get On Your Boots,” or as my coworker calls it, “Get on your crappy boots.” Coldplay thought it would be a good idea to have Jay-Z rap a verse to one of their songs. Not sure why they thought.

Alison Krauss’s beautiful voice was wasted singing harmony with Robert Plant on the tuneless “Rich Woman.” At least she looked good. But the biggest disappointment was hearing Radiohead, or hearing something that Radiohead played. It was “15 Step” from their latest album “In Rainbows,” but I barely heard a word Thom Yorke said.

The winners? It looked like Grammy went straight down the middle of the road again, wanting to offend no one. Given the lack of talent of some of the nominees, that may not have been a bad thing.

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