Grammy, Shmammy

My headline for this was originally going to be, “When Did the Grammys Become Irrelevant?” But then I realized that I used that about 20 years ago in a student newspaper.

So the Grammy nominations came out last week. I totally missed it, and when I saw a news item on it, I reminded myself to write a snarky blog post about it. Didn’t even check to see who the nominees were until I started writing this. And once again, Grammy didn’t disappoint me with its disappointing picks. 

At least they’ve relegated rap to its own category, but Lil’ Wayne still managed to ooze out and collect himself in the cesspool that is Album of the Year. That God-awful “I Kissed a Girl” song is somehow being considered a Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

As for marginally listenable music, it’s all too predictable: Coldplay, Radiohead, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, ohmygod did James Taylor get nominated for two awards? Is he still recording? I’m sure that if Bonnie Raitt or Santana had released outtakes from a drunken recording session with Alicia Keys, they would have gotten a nomination.

All this is to say the Grammys are a joke. They are irrelevant. According to the L.A. Times, “Though the Grammys have moderately improved in recent years, they”re still a reflection of sales + record label marketing campaigns.” That’s putting it nicely. Where are She & Him? Sigur Ros? Vampire Weekend? At least Death Cab for Cutie got a couple of nods.


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