Britney’s BAAAACK!

And I opened the seventh seal…:

Britney Spears’ new album is underway and according to the producer with whom she is working, it’s “real aggressive”.

Rodney Jerkins, who created hits with the likes of TLC, including the enormously successfully ‘No Scrubs’, and Brandy on her ‘Full Moon’ album, is collaborating with Spears for the first time in seven years and says the new material is “very dance-y, very up-tempo, in the clubs, real aggressive, and catchy…very, very hook-friendly.”


So in other words, it’s going to sound like everything else she’s done, and everything that’s out right now. We’ll wait to see if it’s “hook-friendly.” Jerkins’ idea of a hook may be totally different than my idea.

Apparently, this is an attempt to “re-invent” her sound, which to me sounds like a new packaging. Everyone predicted this: Britney bouncing back after deep personal struggles, stronger than ever, comeback of the year, yada yada. It’s all in the PR spin.

But wait, there’s more! According to Jerkins, Spears is a fast worker, finishing a song in just two hours! “She walked in at 8:30 and was out by 10:30 – did the whole song – in and out.”

Looks like Britney She has so much talent Wait, two hours to record Too. Many. Jokes.