Hip-Hop Artists = WWE

I subscribe to MTV’s RSS feed – mainly to find stories of undertalented, overhyped artists to laugh about.

Lately, though, I’ve found an interesting pattern: it seems that hip-hop stars are using MTV as a sounding board against their rivals. And MTV obliges every time. Take, for instance, the following headlines from the last 30 days:

  • “Jay-Z Talks About Glastonbury Triumph, Amy Winehouse’s Dis Of Kanye West”
  • “Is 50 Cent Dissing T.I. On G-Unit’s ‘You So Tough’? ‘It’s Absolutely For The Public To Decide,’ MC Says”
  • “50 Cent Says ‘I Don’t View Young Buck As My Enemy,’ Claims He’s Not Going To War With Former G-Unit Member”
  • “Young Jeezy Puts On For T.I., Nas, Swizz Beatz At Vibe Party” (I have no idea what this means, but it sounds bad.)
  • “Bow Wow’s Just Teasing Omarion In ‘Lookin’ Boy,’ But He’s Serious About Soulja Boy Tell’em Collabo”
  • “GZA Disses 50 Cent In New ‘Paper Plate’ Track, Implies G-Unit’s Music Is ‘Disposable'”
  • “50 Cent Sues Taco Bell” (This one’s not really a good example; just a funny headline. I mean, who sues Taco Bell?)
  • “Trick Daddy Denies Beef With Rick Ross, Says He’s Not Responsible For Prison-Guard Rumors”

Doesn’t that sound like a bunch of WWE wrestlers threatening each other, creating hype for their next match? Given that I treat hip-hop with the same respect that I do professional wrestling, I shouldn’t be surprised. But it all does seem a bit…childish.

  1. 13 years ago