Ho Hum, Liam Gallagher Says Something Stupid

I’ve thought about stopping my diatribes against today’s music industry, but the posts are so easy to write. Each week, I can find one of three things:

  1. A rapper arrested on weapons charges
  2. Kanye saying something stupid.
  3. Liam or Noel Gallagher opening their mouths.

This week, it’s Liam’s turn. In an interview with The Times, he called Radiohead’s fans “boring and ugly,” and “they don’t look like they’re having a good time.” Now I’ve never really understood why Oasis was called the second coming of the Beatles; most of it was hype, and I find their music rather noisy and Liam’s voice nasal and irritating. But they’ve never lived up to the hype.

Not having gone to either group’s concerts, I can’t judge whether Radiohead’s fans are having a good time. But I do know a bunch of people who have gone, and they are neither boring or ugly. And I think I would have a good time at a Radiohead concert.

This is yet another example of Liam saying something obnoxious to get attention for his band, which became irrelevant about half a decade ago. What would be even more disturbing is if he actually believed some of the stuff he said.

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Peter Lee


  1. Totally with you on this one. I’ve been a big brit-pop/brit-rock fan since Noel Gallagher was still a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets, and have to admit there was *some* excitement when the first two Oasis records came out. Nothing they did, of course, was anywhere near The Beatles’ worst record (whichever that may be). But I would say Oasis became irrelevant in 1997. After that all they’ve done is have a radio-friendly single or two per album, making them as stale as a million other bands out there. I don’t think they can even dream of achieving the musical heights of Radiohead (or Damon Albarn, for that matter.) It is rather annoying the press keeps paying so much attention to every stupid remark Liam has to make.

    Oh, and I’ve seen both bands: Oasis once, Radiohead three times (and will see them again next week in San Francisco). I guess those numbers will help you conclude whose concerts I have more fun at.

  2. Are Radiohead’s fans so “boring and ugly,” and do “they look like they’re having a good time.” ?
    I’m Radiohead fan and I’m totally disagree with you. Of course we feel duped by In Rainbows’ poor sound quality. But basically we feel good!

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