Mariah Strikes Again!

I tell you, this is getting too easy. For Hmph Day, I should just subscribe to a Mariah Carey RSS feed and print the latest incident.

Yes, the reigning champion of Hmph Day, in which I point out all that’s wrong with music, has not one, but two recent news stories that garner attention:

1. At Good Morning America’s summer concert kickoff last week, we discovered that Mariah uses a pre-recorded track – um, one that started too early for her to start singing with it. Then apparently, the vocals track screwed up again three-quarters of the way through the song, leading her to improvise (!) and sing, “Stop singing my part, now baby!” to her backup singers, as if it were their fault. That’s a great way to encourage turnover in your entourage.

2. She ticked off the paparazzi last week as well, showing up two hours late to a CD signing party and running down the red carpet while wearing sunglasses, ruining their pictures! So the press has decided to boycott coverage of her. Okay, not really sure who to make fun of here.

BTW, this is Mariah’s third appearance on Hmph Day. Looking forward to many more mentions in the future!

Mariah’s vocal track boo-boo (TMZ via YouTube)