Remember Music Television?

Music TeleVision. Yep, that’s what MTV actually stands for. Of course, we all know that MTV hasn’t been a music video channel since Blink-182 was a household word.

But when did VH1 abandon us?

Sure, I’ve noticed that “Behind the Music” was canceled (despite my repeated e-mails to the company), to be replaced by shows like “The 100 Most Popular Child Stars.” But in some ways, the MTV-owned channel is worse than its parent company.

VH1 was always the square peg, and it wore that moniker proudly. And as the MTV crowd grew older, it assumed that VH1 would continue with Melissa Etheridge and Sting videos. But it has veered sharply from that focus.

For example, here’s today’s schedule:

6-11 a.m. Music videos! Maybe it’s not so bad…
11 a.m: “From G’s to Gents.” Features 14 gangsters who are willing to change their lives and become gentlemen.
1 p.m.: “I Love Money.” 15 cast members from previous smutty VH1 shows battle it out for fame and money!
3 p.m.: “20 Greatest Celebreality Fights”
4 p.m.: “40 Hottest Over 40”
6 p.m.: “Brooke Knows Best.” The spin-off from the ill-conceived “Hogan Knows Best.”
7 p.m.: “Maxim Hot 100”
8 p.m. “40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s”
10:30 p.m.: “Celebrity Sex”
11:30 p.m.: Movie – “Showgirls” (Yes, that “Showgirls”)

Their web site isn’t much better. Today, the cover story is “Brandi C. Talks Porn!” I’m not really sure who Brandi C. is, but I don’t think she sings. Another feature is “Will Brooke Get Naked for Playboy?” Another link begs us to “Watch Crazy Kinky Sex.”

Now I’m not one to play the prude. But it’s clear that VH1’s focus is um, something else besides music. I’d expect this from E! or Spike, not VH1.

Sigh. Where’s a Sheena Easton video when you need it?

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