‘Jealous Sun’ – David Myhr

David Myhr - video for Jealous Sun


David Myhr - video for Jealous SunDavid Myhr has a lock on creating the perfect pop song, and with “Jealous Sun” he’s done it again.

This time, he collaborated with fellow pop songwriter Bleu (not that he needed help), with Bleu contributing lyrics. Myhr’s sing-along melodies are still apparent, and numerous key changes abound at the moment you least expect them. The end result is reminiscent of ELO, but with that Merrymakers/David Myhr sound shining throughout.

According to Myhr, he had this melody just lying around for years and decided to do something with it. Imagine that: a throwaway melody turned into a wonderful song like “Jealous Sun.” If only I was that lucky in my songwriting.

“Jealous Sun” is just an appetizer to Myhr’s full-length album, Lucky Daywhich is due to drop in May. May is too long to wait for a David Myhr album, especially when we have a taste of what’s to come.

David, one of these days we Beatle worshippers are going to tie you down and make you reveal your magic secret for creating the perfect song. (To be fair, he does teach classes on songwriting. If I only knew Swedish…) Until May, enjoy the video to “Jealous Sun,” created by fellow pop lover Todd Stanton.

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  1. Sharon Douglas

    Do you have the sheet music for piano for Dixie Storms?

  2. Lee Todd

    It’s a catchy tune and it grows on you. I’ve listened to it four times and it is better each time. However, I wonder what the Beatles could do with it.