Jellyfish’s Amazing Harmonies

My namesake over at Peter’s Power Pop recently posted some videos highlighting Jellyfish’s unbelievable ability to harmonize in a live setting. For those who don’t appreciate harmony, it’s one thing to be able to create beautiful harmonies in the studio, where you get to sing with a pre-recorded track, do multiple takes, and have the producer compress it so it sounds like one voice. But to do it live and to do it well is near impossible.

For those who are unfamiliar with Jellyfish (i.e., 98% of the public), you can read about them in my series “My Ode to Jellyfish.” They were a power pop band that sounded like the bastard child of Queen and the Beatles. Unfortunately, they never caught on, having released their material during the grunge craze, and discord within the group broke them apart after two amazing albums.

Check this video of Jellyfish playing an acoustic version of my all-time favorite track, “Joining a Fan Club.” The harmonies are perfect – almost four-dimensional, if that’s possible.

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Peter Lee


  1. Thanks, fellow Peter, for mentioning my post.

    Jellyfish never fail to vocally astound me, whether in the studio or at a gig. Viva la Jellyfish!

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