‘Kissing Santa on Christmas Eve’, Kelly Jones

kelly jones - kissing santa on christmas eve


kelly jones - kissing santa on christmas eve

Tired of hearing Cee-Lo’s “This Christmas” every hour? Is Jack Johnson’s version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” grating on your nerves yet? If so, look no further than Kelly Jones and her latest release, “Kissing Santa on Christmas Eve.”

Aside from the obligatory sleigh bells and xylophone to give it that holiday feel, this is first and foremost a pop song that just happens to mention Santa. But it’s a damn good pop song; it’s a return to Jones’ 60s cheery bubblegum sound on 2008’s SheBANG! It only took one listen for the song to infect my eardrums and set up shop in my head for several days. Jones’ clear, playful voice rings out through the bells, harmonies and a surprise key change toward the end.

This is pop music, folks. It’s designed to make you feel good, and adding a bit of Christmas cheer makes it even better.

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