More on Gnarls Barkley

I mentioned yesterday that Gnarls Barkley seems to defy any particular genre. A quick look around teh Internets shows that people are having trouble classifying them. I’m finding soul, jazz, funk, hip-hop, alternative pop/rock, alternative rap (?), underground rap, new soul, neo-soul, lounge and electronica. Well, that about covers it all.

This is probably good news to Mssrs. Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo, the members of GB. According to the latest issue of Paste, “it turns out that this is one of Gnarls Barkley’s main goals: to create a mysterious new sound that allows for individual interpretation.” They’re doing that quite well.

Another side note to yesterday: SNL has always done a good job of booking cutting-edge artists, but this year they’re doing spectacularly well, based on my tastes: Panic at the Disco, Gnarls Barkley, Wilco and next week, My Morning Jacket. Relative unknowns, but groups that continue to make music.