My interview with Teenage Fanclub (a satire)

A week or so before Teenage Fanclub played in Saxapahaw, NC, I asked for access to the band for an interview. Twice. Here is the result.

So why the two-month tour at this point, in between albums?

Key Music Management: I’m sorry, did you say something?

What has the departure of Gerard Love done to the band?

We’re not going to let you talk to them about that. Or anything.

Do you feel any pressure from Love’s departure? Was it amicable?

Didn’t you get our last response?

How did you find Saxapahaw, NC out of all the other big-name towns you played in?

Hey, we pick the venues for them. Don’t dispute us. Did we mention we’re not letting you talk to them?

This is by far the worst interview I’ve ever had. I bet Norman Blake is nicer than this.

Who gives a bloody crap what you think? You’re just a blogger. How are these guy’s emails getting through?

Francis MacDonald

Hey, here’s a photo of a sound check in Doesn’t look like they’re that busy. Can I please talk to them?

Have you checked out the other bands we represent? Try 808 State. Or Blood Red Shoes! We can send you a demo.

No. Teenage Fanclub. That’s it.

Well, that’s it for this interview. Next? (Notices another blogger.) No to you too.