My Kids Like Queen

QueenWhen your children are born, you have visions of filling their heads with the most beautiful music, filtering the music for as long as you can, so that their first words will be “Yeah, Yeah Yeah.”

You want them to get it, to hear the things that you hear – subtle changes in instrumentation – unexpected chord changes, harmonies that blend so well the overtones raise the hair on the back of your neck. And you hope, somehow, that former Georgia governor Zell Miller’s belief that music creates new neural pathways in the brain is true, and they’ll have a 150 IQ because you played “God Only Knows” to them ad nauseum.

Sadly, though, that vision gives way to reality, and my children like Sesame Street songs and Kidz Bop (shudder) with the occasional playing of “High School Musical.” Oh well.

I’ve been on a Queen kick for a while now, and I recently started playing it for the girls around the house. The other day, “We Are the Champions” was playing, and I asked my 5-year-old who that was.

“Queen,” she said nonchalantly.


My 3-year-old is now singing “We Will Rock You.” Not the most melodic of their songs, but it’s a start.

Queen – Greatest Hits v 1 & 2

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Peter Lee