8 May 2008

How I’ve Grown to Love the Beach Boys

Judging from the title, you must be thinking that at one time, I didn’t like the Beach Boys. Yep. Hated ’em. Growing up in the 80s, I was witness to only one Top 10 hit by the
6 May 2008

The Art of Songwriting: It’s the Melody, Stupid!

Courtesy of Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore, I’ve discovered a new blog from The New York Times called Measure for Measure. The blog, which is about the art of songwriting, immediately spoke to me, for it
5 May 2008

Desert Island Discs: Abbey Road – The Beatles

All my friends know that I’m a Beatles fanatic. Some dismiss my obsession with a wink and a smile; others probably think I need either medication or a serious reality check. I have become a student of