2 Jun 2008

Desert Island Discs: Thriller, Michael Jackson

Year Released: 1982 Top chart position: #1 People find it hard to believe that at one time, Michael Jackson was cool. Nowadays, the self-appointed “King of Pop” has no kingdom to rule; his last disc, Invincible, sold
1 Jun 2008

All the Cool Videos Were in the 80s

Recently, Cookie Magazine (If you don’t know it, don’t ask; it’s a “family” magazine marketed to moms with stories like ’20 fun games for long car trips!’ and ’17 low-cost scrapbook ideas!’) listed the top 10 music
30 May 2008

There is Hope…My Daughter’s Dance Studio??

For the last two nights I’ve been spending my evenings at my daughter’s dance recital. For most dads, this is brutal – enduring hours of 4-year-olds in tutus, hundreds of twirls, jumps and gyrations. In my case