22 Apr 2008

She & Him – Actresses CAN Sing!

Usually when actors cut an album, it usually turns out bad – very bad. Think David Hasselhoff, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis. Yeah, you get the picture. Every once in a while, though, someone surprises you. Jason Schwartzman
21 Apr 2008

Desert Island Discs: Purple Rain – Prince

Year: 1984 Top chart position: #1 If Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, then Prince Rogers Nelson was definitely the Prince of Pop. And Rock. And Funk. Prince followed a similar path as his contemporary, releasing
18 Apr 2008

There is Hope: The Nines

I’ve been at this blog for a few weeks now. The other day, my friend Paula asked, “So why haven’t you mentioned the Nines yet?” I think she was asking tongue-in-cheek, knowing how much I’ve flipped over