18 Apr 2008

There is Hope: The Nines

I’ve been at this blog for a few weeks now. The other day, my friend Paula asked, “So why haven’t you mentioned the Nines yet?” I think she was asking tongue-in-cheek, knowing how much I’ve flipped over
17 Apr 2008

Hearing a New Beatles Single for the First Time

I was born in 1968 – two years before the Beatles broke up. I missed it all – the invasion of America in 1964, Sgt. Pepper, the Maharishi, the rooftop concert. By the time I started listening
17 Apr 2008

Mariah’s E=MC2 ‘100% Of Me’

I could joke about how Mariah Carey is using Einstein’s famous equation to compare herself, but that’s too easy. Let’s go straight to her track-by-track analysis that she gave to MTV this week. For instance, the opening