2 May 2008

Joy Division = Modern Art

I had a recent conversation with some friends who were trying to convince me that modern art was, indeed, art. Instead of a realistic depiction of a material object, modern art represented emotions and themes, and it’s
30 Apr 2008

Mariah Strikes Again!

I tell you, this is getting too easy. For Hmph Day, I should just subscribe to a Mariah Carey RSS feed and print the latest incident. Yes, the reigning champion of Hmph Day, in which I point
29 Apr 2008

R.E.M. vs. U2, Part 3

I’ve read that, like Star Wars vs. Star Trek fans, you can never love both R.E.M. and U2; it’s either one or the other. But it’s just not true. I do love both of them. And at