1 Apr 2008

Irony of Ironies…

In my initial post, I mentioned the name of a certain band whose name is synonymous with a popular Southern legume and whose hit single sounds similar to the title of this blog. Google has apparently determined
31 Mar 2008

‘At My Most Beautiful’ – R.E.M.

Why do my favorite bands always manage to anger me? It seems to happen a lot: U2, the voice of my conscience throughout the 1980s, looked and sounded more like the Village People with their dance-influenced Pop.
29 Mar 2008

Top 10 Queen Songs That Aren’t Played at Sporting Events

Take My Breath Away Jazz Body Language Seven Seas of Rhye Killer Queen Las Palabras De Amor (The Words of Love) Fat Bottomed Girls A Night at the Opera Radio Ga-Ga Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy