17 Mar 2020

What’s Wrong with Liking George Michael?

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, otherwise known as George Michael, was never one to stay in the middle for very often. He was polarizing — men hated him for his good looks, women swooned. but during his 35-year career
12 Mar 2020

Album Review: Pop! Fights the Flames

The fires in Australia have been so devastating, so world-changing, that they demand our attention. Scenes of burned animals being taken for treatment, watching the flames burn out of control has made us all weep for the
10 Mar 2020

Jumping the Musical Shark – Chicago

Chicago is a band that is most famous for what they became, not for what they started as. Case in point: Genesis. Genesis was the quintessential prog-rock band before Phil Collins took the reins from the headdress-wearing