29 Apr 2020

Teenage Fanclub in 10 Songs

In the last few posts, I’ve gone through Teenage Fanclub’s history and their discography. Now all that’s left to do is give you a taste of their music. Here is Teenage Fanclub in 10 songs: “The Concept”
26 Apr 2020

La Vita Nuova, Maria McKee

It’s been 13 years since Maria McKee gave us an album – 2007’s uninspired Late December. It’s been 17 years since she gave us something as emotional as 2003’s High Dive, which was almost a sequel to
23 Apr 2020

Teenage Fanclub: A Musical Guide, Part 3

We enter the third phase of Teenage Fanclub’s career – one marked by a sudden departure of one of its main parts. Man-Made (2005) It took Teenage Fanclub five years to get around to recording the follow-up