27 Oct 2020

Made in Piteå – David Myhr

In this new era of COVID isolation, going to concerts has been one of those luxuries that we have taken for granted, aside from a few dumbasses like Smash Mouth that still try to perform. Swedish singer-songwriter
19 Oct 2020

What’s Wrong With Liking Duran Duran?

In 2012, The Guardian music journalist Paul Morley expressed his hatred for Duran Duran, claiming that he had always despised the five-man band from Birmingham, England ever since they came on the scene in 1981. “I hated
9 Oct 2020

Happy 80th Birthday, John Lennon

Today, John Lennon would have been 80 years old. That means it’s been almost 40 years since he was gunned down outside his New York apartment. That’s 40 years of music we may have missed out on.