28 Apr 2010

Jumping the Musical Shark: Styx

The background I can see the jokes coming now: “For Styx to jump the shark, that means that their career had to be at a high point at one time.”  Styx usually gets lumped in with other
21 May 2010

Jumping the Musical Shark: Sheena Easton

The background Remember Sheena Easton? That cute little pixie from the early 1980s, short hair, beautiful eyes, looked like a Scottish Audrey Hepburn? Sigh. She was so cute. Standing at just over 5 feet tall, she was
3 Jul 2010

Jumping the Musical Shark: Genesis

Background: As goes Phil Collins, so goes Genesis. The drummer for Genesis took over for lead singer Peter Gabriel in 1975, and over the next five years, the prog-rock band evolved from its theatrical, heavy-handed rock into