20 Sep 2010

Learning to Like…The Arcade Fire

Ah, the Arcade Fire. Darling of the music critics, leader of the indie world, dark, brooding and complex. They seem right up my alley, the true alternative to the maddening hip-hop and lightweight electro-pop we’ve come to
16 Oct 2010

Learning to Like…Funeral – The Arcade Fire

Funeral has been sitting on my iPod now for over two weeks. I’ve been treating it like a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses, trying to find every excuse possible not to listen to it again. And it
18 Dec 2010

Learning to like…The Neon Bible, The Arcade Fire

I must admit I’ve been hesitant to listen to the Arcade Fire’s second release, The Neon Bible, after suffering through the dismal, bizarre Funeral. Here I was, trying to like this group, trying to give them a