20 Jul 2009

Mal Evans: The Fifth Beatle?

On page 3 of the Jan. 5, 1976 edition of the Los Angeles Times, a small, six-paragraph story told the world of the death of Mal Evans. The only reason the story was on page 3 was
10 Aug 2009

The Mal Evans Diaries

When Mal Evans died in 1976, rumors swirled that he had been working on some memoirs. Tentatively titled “Living the Beatles Legend,” the book was to have been based on some 15 years of diary entries in
21 Sep 2009

The Decline and Death of Mal Evans

The Beatles went public with their split in April 1970, and Mal Evans’s lifeline for seven years was now gone. But he tried to move on. Mal had discovered the power pop band Badfinger a few years