5 Feb 2012

Playing God: Recreating U2 in Their Prime

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with U2 over the past 27 years. I first discovered them in 1985 when their album The Unforgettable Fire first hit America, and immediately latched onto the emotional, overtly political lyrics, the
11 Feb 2012

The Revised ‘Unforgettable Fire’

I still remember the first time I heard U2. It was late 1984, and I was in the living room playing Nerf basketball and listening to the radio from my parents’ coffin-sized wood-paneled stereo. The DJ announced
10 Mar 2012

The Revised ‘Joshua Tree’

At the risk of venturing into hyperbole, I could argue that The Joshua Tree changed my life. I was 18, at that dangerous intersection of life where teen angst meets free thinking and introspection. Everything had to have meaning