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28 Jan 2009

Two Hours in Chuck E. Cheese’s Hell

A few days ago, I entered the hell that is Chuck E. Cheese’s. If you’ve been lucky enough never to have experienced Chuck E. Cheese’s, let me describe it: Picture 100 screaming kids, high on birthday cake,
11 Aug 2008

Top 5 Most Influential Artists of the 1980s

The 80s were fun. Neon, headbands, Weird Al…Yet there were a few artists that continue to leave their mark on popular music today. Here are the top 5 most influential artists of the 1980s: U2 – At
1 Jun 2008

All the Cool Videos Were in the 80s

Recently, Cookie Magazine (If you don’t know it, don’t ask; it’s a “family” magazine marketed to moms with stories like ’20 fun games for long car trips!’ and ’17 low-cost scrapbook ideas!’) listed the top 10 music